Welcoming myself.

Every time I’m asked what my age is, I usually skip a heartbeat. Because I get reminded that I’m no longer 24. Oh yes. The old Filipino “right marrying age” is now here. 

My original intention in re-starting a blog was for stress-release 🙂 funky, right?

But, No. I’ve been a private blogger since Xanga. I remember having 2 xanga blogs (the first one was hacked, for reasons peculiar to me), before moving to tumblr – and yes, what a waste of time and effort to force blogs into that site.

Cheers, wordpress. I picked you.


A lot of people will deny it (especially guys) – but this age is really an a-hole.

When I was in my early college days, I read a blog about quarter life crisis. I remember it being very very sad and lonely and dark… I even thought it was sooooo shallow. Who would’ve known that mine was going to be SADDER, LONLIER, and DARKER! Hahaha!


I thought about writing my experiences on quarter life, but I thought again. Because, I’m not 100% certain that its over. But so far, its a really REALLY interestingly messed-up journey.

I’d like to concentrate my fingers’ efforts to the good parts though.

Within my quarter life crisis, I’ve managed to gain a few things for myself:

  1. I went back to serving in our Cathedral (we’re catholic. I don’t believe that being born-again is the answer for everyone). I’ve been in service since high school, out of my own desire to “give more” to the big person up there. And I’m back! 🙂
  2. I quit the job I’ve had for the past 3 years. It was a great career run for me, but not the type of work nor industry I wanna be in. Recruiting will always be in my heart though. But Marketing is a new challenge for me, and so far, I’m… (haven’t really thought about it yet)
  3. My Kennel is alive and kickin’! The first serious side business I started in college is still ON. Recently, I had the passion to take care of my dogs better. Mainly, because I now had the time to THINK and DO more. Right now, 2 doggies are pregnant and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEIR PUPPIES!
  4. I’m cooking again! One of the best things I do. I’ve been cooking a lot lately, and it feels great. I’ve often told myself that cooking is one of the things I do that can probably “save my life” (singing and dancing won’t, but I’m okay in that area)
  5. I go to the gym more often now. Well, not as often as I want but this lazy ass is definitely getting more for his money lately. I experienced losing and gaining weight quickly within a span of 2 weeks since I started going to the gym again. I still don’t lift weights, and I don’t plan to. But this “circuit training” is effin hard ha! I think its great that the gym is there when the need would arise for me to get to whatever shape I want.
  6. I now a bit more technologically able. As one of my weak points, I’m very proud to say that I now use mobile internet. I also now know how to do a phone screenshot and use Instagram. I know and use some apps to! Akalain ‘mong may pag-asa pa pala ako. Haha!
  7. I’m closer to more friends now. I now have time to build better relationships with friends unlike before. It’s amazing what work-life balance can do to your life, if you just make it a priority. Guys, it’s not a theory. IT’S REALITY. Work-life balance can save your life, and bring much much more color to it. Sorry ha. Big deal kasi sa akin ‘yan dahil I had to resign due to burn-out para lang maappreciate ko si work-life.
  8. I have more time for myself now. Saving the best for last. I guess item #8 is one of the reasons this whole list exists. 
    All thanks to the experiences I’ve had in this quarter-life crisis.


I guess I’ll have to share more details at a later date, since I don’t want my first entry to be bloody dark.

Hoping to find time to blog tomorrow, even if its a work-and-school day. AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!



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