Unclog yourself

Social Media has its way of inducing depression on people. People always show how happy and rich they are, like there life is perfect. A lot of people have cursed on this, and I don’t blame them.

But all the superficial social media shiz also has a good effect on us. It makes us reflect on our lives. Though often, we just see how sucky our lives are, compared to these #blessed hashtaggers, seeing other people makes us think about where we are now. And to me, it’s a good sign. Being self aware is a blessing, because it gives us a slap in the butt about what we are, what we’ve been planning to do, and eventually, I’m sure it causes us to cross out some of the items in our bucketlist. So, I think we should always remember that there are two sides to a coin, and that shitty lives can most definitely be changed.

Let’s unclog, people! 

Happy New Year!


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