Dark Places

Other people blame mercury retrograde. Other people are just unlucky. But some misfortunes are dealt by inconsiderate people.

We’re not all built the same. Others are strong, other resilient… but some of us we’re just… raised right. Complete family, values, and are not equipped to face these inconsiderate people in the workplace.

Dark places are very real. We all sometimes get into that place where nothing seems to be going right. A place where all we see is sadness, suckyness, depression, anger, disappointment and even self-loathing. That’s life for most of us. AND IT’S OKAY.

It’s tough. sometimes too tough. we didn’t ask for it, and most of the time, we just couldn’t take anymore. – i won’t tell you that you’re strong and you can’t handle it. I will agree to you and say that, yes, it’s too much. Because it is.

Nothing will ever change the fact that these things are mercilessly too much. But what we CAN DO is to not care. Move away. Step back. you know that feeling you get? about this guy or girl who likes you but you just don’t see the good in him? couldnt appreciate his good traits? compare him to the apple of your eye. One is meh, and one is woah. Find a way to detach. Find a way to turn that aspect into a meh. Detach from it, step away from it. Think of it as a thing that will just run its course. and then breathe. I’ve been bugged by this huge problem for weeks now. and it sucks. i came to a point where i hide from my own phone because I was too traumatized by updates on this problem. But today, for some reason, I decided not to care. I decided to compartmentalize this issue. I set it aside. I put in under the ‘meh’ category, and poof! I was productive the entire day.

if you’re too emotional or too sucked in on your problem right now, maybe you won’t appreciate the stuff I’ve been saying. But for others who are tired of it? take a minute to breathe. think. then try it. put it away in the “meh” box. 🙂


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