Now I believe

That every artist has their muse.

Today, I declare to myself that you are my first muse.

I’m aware. I’m aware that in common eyes, every fiber of you may seem unremarkable. Yet, I just find myself heeding your call like it’s the only thing important in this world.
You’re genuinely kind, smart, and selfless – the latter, I never expected to have so much impact on me. Yet, here I am, unable to fathom how deeply I care for you. How deeply I wanna be with you.
Its the colour of your skin. It’s the way I let you command me, yet be commanded by you. It’s your lostness and burning desire to find what you want to do in life. It’s in the simplicity of your being that makes me see how special you are. It’s even in this, as I write these words that seem like uneducated blabber when I had just won my second screenwriting award.
It’s knowing that I finally realized that there is no one right now who is more deserving of my affection.

It’s that song that played in my head while you struggle over the craziness of your job.

I look into your eyes

So far away

There’s trouble on your mind

You’re losing faith

Hey now… I’m here. Just call my name… and I’ll be there.


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